Booking tickets

Buy your 'Opera Ticket' now, then pay for your meal on the night.

Single ticket: £40 (£25 for the Opera Ticket + £15 for the meal*)

Group of 4: £35 per person (£20 Opera Ticket + £15 meal*)

Group of 6: £33 per person (£18 Opera Ticket + £15 meal*)

Unfortunately, it is not possible to attend without ordering the £15 three-course meal. Otherwise it wouldn't be a three-course opera!

If you have any questions regarding this or any other matters (should you require assistance going up and down stairs, for instance) please contact the event organiser Jake Kirner (not the restaurant).

*Drinks and gratuity

All drinks, including coffee and wine, are to be ordered at customer’s discretion. As is common in Central London restaurants, an entirely optional 12.5% gratuity will be added to your food and drinks bill (i.e. the bill for the £15 three-course meal plus any drinks ordered, but not including the opera ticket). Therefore, a customer who orders wine and coffee totalling £10 will be billed £25 for his meal plus the optional gratuity, making his bill on the night either £25 or £28.13 (depending on whether or not he accepts the gratuity).

The house wines are only £13.50 a bottle.